Thrilling Cities

Thrilling Cities

Book Title: Thrilling Cities

Author: Ian Fleming

Format: Paperback | 236 pages

Publication Date: 26 Mar 2013

ISBN-13: 9781612185545

Ian Fleming's world travels, interests, as well as his journalism and wartime experiences, lent authority to everything he wrote. In 1959, the Sunday Times commissioned Fleming to write a series of dispatches from the world's most beguiling locales. The result was Thrilling Cities, a masterpiece of well-observed travelogue that stands ably alongside the author's Bond canon. Here are Fleming's highly personal observations of fourteen cities across Europe, Asia, and North America--from Vienna to Hong Kong to Chicago. At each stop, Fleming casts the guidebook aside, taking readers on an insider's tour of everything from a Tokyo geisha house led by the world's most beautiful women to a packed Las Vegas casino where fortunes ride on a roll of the dice, and beyond. Just like his most famous fictional creation, Ian Fleming was a well-traveled man of the world who knew where to go to find excitement, adventure...and danger. In Thrilling Cities, he takes us along on a journey of international intrigue worthy of James Bond. Originally published in 1963, this edition restores the original observations, maps, and language used at that time.