Java 7 Pocket Guide,

Java 7 Pocket Guide,

Book Title: Java 7 Pocket Guide,

Author: Robert Liguori

Format: Paperback | 150 pages

Publication Date: 03 Sep 2013

ISBN-13: 9781449343569

Ever reach an impasse while writing code because you couldn't remember how something in Java worked? This pocket guide is designed to keep you moving. Concise, convenient and easy to use, Java Pocket Guide gives you Java stripped down to its bare essentials - in fact, it's the only quick reference guide to Java that you can actually fit in your pocket. Written by Robert and Patricia Liguori, senior software and lead information engineers for Java-based air traffic management and simulation environments, Java Pocket Guide contains everything you really need to know about Java, particularly everything you need to remember. This updated edition pays special attention to the new areas in Java 7 and 8, such as lambda expressions. Why is the Java Pocket Guide important? It's the only quick reference guide to Java available Lets you find important things quickly without consulting 1000-page tutorials Includes many command-line options Organized for quick and easy use on the job Java Pocket Guide is for experienced Java programmers who need quick reminders of how particular language elements work. Simply put, this pocket guide offers practical help for practicing developers.