The Science of On-Camera Acting : with commentary by Dr. Paul Ekman

The Science of On-Camera Acting : with commentary by Dr. Paul Ekman

Book Title: The Science of On-Camera Acting : with commentary by Dr. Paul Ekman

Author: Tony Barr

Format: Paperback | 190 pages

Publication Date: 02 Sep 2014

ISBN-13: 9780990733218

"One of the most technically focused on-camera manuals on the market... Morris looks at the neuroscience behind human emotions and what the camera actually captures--from the mechanics of dialogue, voice, and physicality, to discovering your own form of naturalistic acting."

The Science of On-Camera Acting is a fusion of art, science, and on-set experience distilled into a working actor's guide for refining on-camera skills and creating memorable roles.

Listed by Time Magazine as one of the world's most influential psychologists, Dr. Paul Ekman shares recent discoveries in psychology and behavioral science that catalyzed this non-analytic approach for mastering naturalism, comedy, and complex character work in the short time actors have to prepare for auditions and bookings. These techniques keep actors out of their heads and grounded in the moment, in a creative flow, channeling impulse into standout performances.


A step-by-step process for tailoring your work to the camera's perspective. How impulse is your most powerful tool and how to use it with precision. What science tells us about the nature of identity and how to make psycho-physical transformations into compelling characters completely unlike yourself. How to stop micro-expressing nervousness on camera. How the camera reads the stakes of the scene through the indentation between your collarbone and surrounding muscle tissue. What the camera sees on your face when you are trying to remember a line. Simple, science-based exercises devised for Olympic athletes and adapted for actors to reach peak performance under pressure. Learn why Stanislavski abandoned the Method in favor of a non-analytical approach.

Read The Science of On-Camera Acting before your next audition and find out why actors are calling it their "bible" for on-camera acting.