Book Title: Insects

Author: Caroline Lawton

Format: Paperback | 16 pages

Publication Date: 29 Nov 2001

ISBN-13: 9780792266709

Did you know that insects are the only animals in the world with six legs? Or that other than birds and bats, they are the only animals that can fly? Learn these and other fascinating facts about what makes an insect an insect in this engrossing book on bugs! Featuring forty-five photos from National Geographic, it provides children with an up-close look at familiar favorites like butterflies and grasshoppers, as well as bugs like leaf insects and treehoppers that hide in plain sight and rarely get noticed. From birth to feeding habits, the basics are all covered here in simple text that will get young readers excited about going outside and exploring the world of creepy crawlers. "This superb book will fascinate young explorers, whether or not they are reading yet. The smooth, well-paced text is accessible enough to engage a young listener and simple enough for an early reader." --Scientific American